Arctic Answers

Arctic Answers provides scientific information on societal-relevant questions in formats usable by a variety of stakeholders, including policy- and decision-makers, Arctic residents, scientists, students, and journalists. Answers are provided as short 1-2 page science briefs. Each brief is the top of a "knowledge pyramid" with a collection of additional scientific resources organized in underlying tiers of increasing detail.

Arctic Answers is a initiative of the Study of Environmental Arctic Change Program (SEARCH), where the Sea Ice Action Network (SIAN) is contributing knowledge pyramids on key sea-ice topics and stakeholder questions.

The SIAN is developing knowledge pyramids and/or science briefs to answer the following questions:

Currently, the SIAN is developing new knowledge pyramids and/or science briefs on the following topics:

  • How is Arctic marine access and shipping influenced by sea-ice conditions?
  • What are the limits on Arctic sea-ice prediction on seasonal, annual, and decadal timescales?

Visit the SEARCH Arctic Answers website for the full list of questions being addressed.

Knowledge Pyramid

Knowledge Pyramid